Ag business helps fill Research Park


CHAMPAIGN — An agriculture business is setting up an innovation lab at the University of Illinois Research Park. Syngenta announced that at a ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday afternoon.

Four people will work there with students from UIUC to solve challenges in the ag world. Leaders of the international company picked this spot because they wanted to be independent from Silicon Valley and some of their other locations. It’s one more company to set up shop in the Research Park, which is almost filled to capacity.

“Yes, people want to make money, but people also want to make a difference and that’s what we’re really excited about,” said Laura Bleill, who is the associate director of the Research Park.

Also on Thursday, the Research Park hosted the Agriculture Technology Innovation Summit. It’s the second time they’ve put this on. Leaders say they wanted to bring people together from across the board: investors, industry partners, business officials and growers. They’re looking for new ways to feed the world and its growing population.

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