After 75 years working, one Danville woman has no plans to retire


DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) – The year was 1946, and Bevely Page had just graduated high school and started working at a dry cleaner in town.

“When I first started in this business, I waited on customers. Taking in cleaning, and giving out cleaning,” she said.

75 years later Page still works at custom care dry cleaners in Danville, but her job has since changed.

“She didn’t want to keep the books anymore. So, he had her train me, and ever since then I’ve been doing the books,” Page said.

Now, in her early 90’s, she gets up every morning, drives herself to the store, walks in these familiar doors, and gets to work.

“We all love her around here,” Angela Caudill, whose grandfather started the business in the 40’s, said.

She said she grew up among the clean hanging clothes, and said Page helped raise her.

“She’s family. I grew up in the business, and she’s always been here,” Caudill said.

Page said a lot of what she used to do has gone digital, not something she’s interested in learning, but what she does, she said keeps her young.

“It keeps your mind working, you know, and I like doing it. Everybody has their thing they are good at. So, I hope I am,” Page said.

She said she’s stayed so long because she enjoys what she does.

“I liked it, and I like the people, and I like the boss. I’ve only had 2 bosses and it was just something. I’m not much of a one to change things,” she said.

Thursday is her birthday. She’s turning 93-years-old, and her family wants to shower her in birthday cards. You can send her birthday cards here 3916 N. Vermilion Danville, IL 61832.

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