Activist group wants to end money bond


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — An activist group is trying to make it so no one has to pay bail in Illinois again.

The Coalition to End Money Bond released a report Wednesday to educate lawmakers on the issue. The group says they believe having to pay a bond to get out of jail before your court date is an unfair financial burden and only serves to keep low-income people in custody for longer. “The courts rule, that if you have this amount of money, you can walk. It is proven that that is not effective to keep people incarcerated that long. They sit in jail for six months, or a year, because they cannot pay that fine. They lose their jobs, they lose their families,” said Kenneth Page, ACLU Springfield President.

Governor Pritzker said earlier this month he will support legislation to eliminate money bond. The details of the pre-trial fairness act, which will eliminate the money bond, have not yet been released.

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