MAROA, Ill. (WCIA) — People said their final goodbyes today to fallen Fire Chief Larry Peasley. He collapsed while responding to a call last month and passed away last week. Today, the town of Maroa pulled out all the stops to show their respect.

Chief Peasley dedicated more than half of his life to the Maroa community. And today, they showed their gratitude.

It was the last ride for Maroa Fire Chief Larry Peasley. Flags were at half-staff, bagpipes were playing, and surrounding fire departments joined the procession.

“We had tons of help from everybody around. I mean people from near and far really came in to step up,” said Assistant Fire Chief Jamie Zombro.

But the celebration of Peasley’s life wasn’t just for city officials. The funeral, the procession, and the burial were open to the community that he served for more than 40 years.

“Here’s a guy that’s given everything to this community and like I said it’s an opportunity for people to come in and see what he’s all about,” said Mayor Ryan Wilkey.

“He’s who I learned a lot from. He’s who I wish more people could learn from,” added Maroa Fire Lieutenant Wesley Dunham.

It’s been a tough few weeks for the people who were closest to Peasley. The 76-year-old had a heart attack on the job in December.

“A wave of emotions the last month. I mean, obviously devastated at first,” said Zombro.

Peasley’s death left those who loved him with heavy hearts and words unsaid.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry for bugging him a lot. Sorry for asking so many questions and sorry for arguing with him so much,” said Dunham.

“I guarantee you the community will support his family moving forward. And we’re just very thankful to have known the Peasley family and to have chief Peasley in our lives,” added Wilkey.

Right now, the assistant fire chief said they don’t have plans of filling Peasley’s position. He, along with Peasley’s son, will continue to work together until that time comes.