CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — They wanted a new year’s rush, and they got it.

People flocked to a Champaign gym to start their year with health in mind. We talked to gym-goers about their goals and got some tips on how to reach them.

“New Year’s everyone wants to change their lifestyle, like workout, be healthy and all that,” said gym enthusiast Julia Le.

Crunch Fitness in Champaign was hoping the holiday would bring them a full gym and it delivered.

Gym manager, Josh Noel, said each year people use the new year to declare new habits. This year, he’s helping people stick to them.    

“I want to be more toned and be stronger as well, so hopefully that will progress,” said Le.

She’s giving herself six months to reach her goals and it’s last year’s lessons that are giving her the extra boost. She added, “What I learned is to be more patient– to trust the process.” 

A couple of machines down, Vincent Stemmer is working on a similar timeline for his fitness goals as well.

“Ideally, I want to lose another twenty, but we’ll see, we’ll see. But like I said, as long as I lose something, I’m good,” said Stemmer.

An early win for his losses could move him across the country. Stemmer added, “In May, which is my birthday, I’m actually moving. Hopefully to LA or San Diego. So, I kind of just want to get in better shape, so I can fit in better.”

“Start incrementals. Small habits turn into bigger goals, right?” said Noel, but whether it’s fitness goals or personal, Noel’s gym tips could help you end a year on a better foot than you started.

“So, like when you start looking at those goals for the long term and start journaling, it helps you see how far you came along for those bad days,” said Noel.

Big or small new year’s goals, we want to hear them. If you a new year resolutions or old year tips that you would like to share. Head over to our Facebook page and leave a comment.