CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Less than 50 years ago the day we all know as Fathers Day wasn’t a recognized holiday. IN 1972, then president, Richard Nixon signed a declaration to celebrate fathers and the role they play in society.

“You think about honoring people and I think the holidays, especially federal and state holidays, are a great way to continue to honor people that I think we think of all the time, but maybe don’t have a special way to honor them,” Michael Darin, a father from Urbana said.

Darin now lives in Urbana but grew up in Monticello. He said for a long time he moved away from central Illinois.

“I moved back and it was just to be near my parents and have that day to day with him,” he said.

Darin said growing up and even now his dad was a father figure to a lot of people. He said fathers are not only important to their own kids, but to everyone.

“Fathers are super important in the neighborhood too. I feel like they have to come out too and they have to help the kids and help raise the community as well,” he said.

A lot of people like to show love and appreciation for their fathers on social media. Viewers shared some right to our WCIA page.

One said “100% his sense of humor.” Another woman posting about her husband. She said “he will lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it at the drop of a hat.”

Qualities that are common among great dad, but never taken for granted.