RANTOUL, Ill. (WCIA) – The Rantoul community is mourning the loss of one of their own. 27-year-old Jonathan Davis was killed in a car accident in Urbana last week. When police said he lost control of his car and was hit by an Illini FS tanker.

Now, his family is speaking for the first time since the tragedy.

His family said he was a family man, and would do anything for his children.

“We’ve known him for quite some time, so even since he was young riding his bicycle to and from McDonald’s, drinking Dr. Pepper in one swig,” Jennifer Arnett, his sister-in-law, said.

Two of his kids were actually in the car when the accident happened, and they said it’s a miracle they survived.

Davis has been a big part of the Rantoul community for the last 27 years.

“A big loss to the community for sure. Everywhere he went, everybody loved him and he also bent over backwards for everyone,” Bryson Russell, his step-son, said.

Now, the community and his family are in mourning after a car accident with a tanker truck took his life.

“I didn’t believe it at first and then I just started breaking down for a long time,” Russell said.

Davis had three kids, the youngest was only six days old when he died, and two stepchildren. His family said he was the provider and protector of the family.

“He was a real standup type of dude. He really did anything for them kids. He devoted all of his life to them. Anything he ever invested was either for their future or something they needed now and he took care of me, my mother, and my girlfriend,” Russell said. “A lot of people, he impacted a lot of peoples lives.”

As the family grieves the loss of their friend, father and partner, they also have a plea to the community.

They want to thank the first responders who saved Davis’s two kids who were in the car when the accident happened.

“They saved the kids’ lives, if they wouldn’t have been there where they were, they wouldn’t be here today. I spoke with the lady yesterday at the tow truck yard and she didn’t know how anyone survived and that there was even children in there because there was nothing left of the vehicle,” Arnett said.

Davis left behind his partner and five children. Family and friends have started a fundraising page to help with funeral and every day expenses. You can find that here.