9-cents/day should cover cost of new equipment

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Latest: 10:23 pm, 2/16/16, Tuesday 

ST. JOSEPH — The fire protection district held an open house Tuesday night to clear up any confusion about its referendum. Firefighters say some of the equipment they’re using is more than 20-years old.

Replacing it would cost about $400,000. A referendum would fund that through a property tax hike. Staff gave tours and answered questions at the open house.

If the referendum is passed, it would cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $30/year. 

Update: 4:30 pm, 2/16/16, Tuesday

ST. JOSEPH — Those in the St. Joseph-Stanton Fire Protection District will have a chance to ask about a referendum at an open house Tuesday night. It’s from 6 – 8 pm.

The district is looking to replace $400,000 worth of used, worn, and outdated equipment. Officials say it will be on display for people to see it firsthand. It’s the third time the district has tried passing the referendum. 

Original: 4:00 pm, 2/9/16, Tuesday

ST. JOSEPH — Firefighters are looking for some help from the public. The St. Joseph-Stanton Fire Protection District is in desperate need of new safety equipment.

A new referendum will decide if they get it. Some items are more than 20-years old. The total cost of what needs to be purchased is nearly $400,000. It’s everything from air-packs to radio systems.

The chief says some things can’t be re-certified and have to be replaced. Approval of the referendum means the owner of a $100,000 home would pay about nine cents per day.

They want the community to realize how great the need really is. It’s the third time the district has tried passing a referendum.  

In the past, they’ve asked the money be used to build a new station, but now that’s second on the list after seeing what kind of shape their gear is in. There are signs available at the station for homeowners to post in their yards.

Voting is March 15.

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