Police to promote from within to replace retirees


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — The Champaign Police Department will be going through a lot of changes after two of its top leaders retired this week.

Police Chief Anthony Cobb says it’s going to be a hectic next couple of months. Both Deputy Chief Troy Daniels and Sergeant Thomas Frost turned in their badges after decades of service. Now it’s time to fill their spots, and more.

Right now the department is still in the hiring process. There are six candidates interviewing for deputy chief.

Chief Cobb says they’ve been doing succession planning for years to prepare for these retirements. But there are more than just those two positions to fill. Anytime a deputy chief leaves or retires, they have to make three promotions to backfill the empty spots.

Chief Cobb says, “Everyone gets to move up so with the deputy chief being right under me, I’ll have to promote one of my lieutenants into that position, and then I have to backfill a sergeant that lieutenants position and then an officer into that sergeants position. So it always creates a ripple effect throughout the whole organization.”

CPD will be selecting candidates from inside the department. Interviews will start in the next coming weeks. They’re aiming to fill the positions by August. They’re also looking to hire five new police officers to go into academy by September.

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