WARRENSBURG, Ill. (WCIA) — It was a hunting trip that turned into a once-in-a-lifetime event.

A man from Central Illinois went to Mississippi and came back with this 750lb alligator. Not only was the gator wide, it was also 13ft long.

Jordan Hackl is from Warrensburg. He’s never been alligator hunting, but his friend invited him to go. If you don’t know anything about alligator hunting, you go at night and look for eyes. When these guys hooked onto the giant gator, it almost tipped their boat.

“He hit the boat, knocked us all back, knocked us off balance. Then he pulled really hard to get away and then we all our weight got shifted to the other side and all of us literally almost fell in,” Jordan Hackl said.

It took them two hours to get the gator. Hackl said the gator also had an arrowhead inside its stomach.

Hackl is a taxidermist so he’s in the process of trying to figure out where he’s going to put his giant gator. Hackl also said this gator may be the largest one found in Mississippi this year.