CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – It was just like any other day at CUMTD’s lost and found… Until someone left a tree on the bus.

It’s six feet tall, fake, and hasn’t been claimed yet. CUMTD posted a photo on social media hoping to find the owner.

They said it’s not even the most unusual item they’ve found. People have left a turntable and even a set of fake teeth. But, the office supervisor said it’s odd such a big item was forgotten.

“This is one of the larger items that we’ve actually had. We have had some auto parts and things like that… It is tall and thin so it does fit comfortably in a corner… where we have had a walker that didn’t fit so well,” Illinois Terminal Office Supervisor Wendy Dominguez said.

She said if items aren’t claimed within two weeks, they get donated to Salt and Light. And if this tree is yours, you should call the bus company.