PAXTON, Ill. (WCIA) — Paxton is gearing up for a few busy days ahead, their hometown girl is coming back!

Gina Miles graced TV screens across the nation last spring, untimely winning the hit singing show “The Voice” back in June. Even though she made it to the big stage, she’s certainly not forgetting her roots.

Over the summer, Miles said she was thankful for her town’s support; she’s felt ready to come home for a performance with friends and family. Now, she’s getting ready to do just that at the Cadillac Event Venue in Paxton.

“I think it’s awesome that it’s full circle. She started here in Paxton,” Alan Meyer, the venue’s co-owner, said.

The celebration is extra special for him, Miles grew up just a few doors down.

“She was a very shy girl so I didn’t see her a lot except for Halloween,” Meyer described.

Now, the venue is checking off housekeeping items like cleaning the floors and arranging seating. Meyer said one of the biggest things to do was get the word out through advertising and sponsorships.

In the end, he knows it’s more than just your average concert.

“I think Gina’s going to be happy to see her family and friends here in town,” Meyer said. “On the other side of it, she’s an inspiration for a lot of small-town kids like ‘hey I can do something too.'”

If you’re going to her concert on Saturday or Sunday, here are a few things to know.

Most of the space is standing room only, but this show does include some seating if you need it. There will be food and drinks available as well.

Both shows are sold out, but for more details, follow the Cadillac website and social media pages.