24-year-old starts own business right out of college


TUSCOLA, Ill. (WCIA) — “Its just amazing to me how much people have supported me and supported this business and really come in and shop with me,” Taylor Reifsteck, business owner, said.

They did all of that during the pandemic. An online boutique has morphed into a physical store in Tuscola and it’s still growing. The owner is proof that age is just a number when you have a big dream.

“We were online during the pandemic and actually being online helped us,” Reifsteck said. “People couldn’t go out and shop, but they could shop with us online and we had a box on our front porch so that people could do contactless pickup and they loved that.”

While a lot of businesses struggled during the pandemic, one woman started hers.

“When Covid hit, I made the decision to invest in a lot of loungewear, which is what everyone was wearing because they couldn’t go anywhere,” Reifsteck said. “So it actually helped us and it helped us get to where we are now and we’re able to open up a store and people can come in and they can try on.”

24- year old Reifsteck always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. After graduating with a fashion merchandising degree, the Tuscola native started an online boutique in 2019. It thrived during the pandemic. This fall, she opened the doors to her brick and mortar location, Shimmer and Sheek Boutique, in Tuscola.

“Its amazing because I get to see people everyday that I know, but I also get to meet people that I don’t know that shopped with me for two years online, I get to meet them all the time, which is amazing,” Reifsteck said.

She’s following her dream and is encouraging others to do the same.

“Go for it,” Reifsteck said. “You only live once. You only get to pursue, you only have a short amount of time to pursue your dreams and your goals and just don’t be scared and take risks.”

After a month and a half at her store, Reifsteck is already looking at possibly expanding to a large space.

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