CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — Runners are taking to the streets Saturday for the 2022 Christie Clinic Illinois Race Weekend.

It has been two years since people from near and far came to run this race. This year’s race is still modified with a half-marathon instead of a full marathon.

8:50 AM

Interview with two people who were running for a special cause.

8:45 AM

Interview with the winner of the half marathon.

8:25 AM

We’re watching some thundershowers that are about 20 miles to the SW. Storms are moving to the NNE, which means they will be close, but could stay just far enough away to prevent a lightning delay. It will be a close call. Watching closely.

8:20 AM

7:30 – 8AM

The race begins!

7:00 AM

People are excited and getting ready for the Christie Clinic Illinois Race Weekend.

6:50 AM

Weather has been a big talking point for the race weekend as showers and storms have been in the forecast consistently in the days leading up to the event. With the races being canceled twice and no full marathon this year due to the pandemic, there is a lot of pent up demand to put this race on.

We currently have dry, but cloudy and windy conditions this morning just before 7:00 AM. WCIA Meteorologists were saying Friday that there is a good chance that the rain is able to hold off for the start of the race, but rain at some point could impact the race.

For individual pictures, check out the below gallery.

We do have more active weather expected later in the afternoon, but that will be well after the races have finished. Stay with WCIA for all the potential severe weather alerts we may have later in the day today.