SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — The Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office is looking for two suspects who are accused of breaking into the Illinois State Fairgrounds last month and stealing scrap metal.

The State Fair has come and gone, but before the Fairgrounds opened to the public, the Sheriff’s Office said they received reports in July of three people breaking into the empty former home of the Illinois Department of Corrections. The building is also known as “Building 29.”

Martin Atwood, 59, is one of the men accused. He was arrested and is now out on bond. Law enforcement officials are still looking for David McCormick, 35, and Todd Tonelle, 58.

“We didn’t want a lot of publicity. We wanted to catch someone in the act,” said Investigations Division Captain Audie Prange.

Authorities said the suspects were stealing scrap metal from inside Building 29.

“Scrap prices are high at this time,” Prange said. “So you’re seeing a lot of copper, a lot of brass that’s been stolen from vacant buildings and buildings that are under construction or under repair. And then it’s being sold as a scrapyard for a pretty tiny profit to the criminals.”

Building 29 has been vacant for quite some time, and the Sheriff’s Office said the structure itself is pretty dilapidated.

“The roof is caved in. In some parts it’s incredibly dangerous to be in,” Prange said. “And if you are at the entry point, let’s say a window, someone could be in there, working in removing scrap metal and you couldn’t hear it, you couldn’t see it due to the size of the building.”

Because of the break-ins, Fairgrounds officials are taking extra steps to increase security in the area. They are also getting help from the Sheriff’s Office.

“We’ve got extra patrols from the midnight shifts, from the second and third shift deputies in that area to make sure that no one else is getting access,” Prange said. “But we’re also watching those areas of ingress and egress where the people were parking and then walking into the Fairgrounds after hours.”

McCormick and Tonelle’s bonds are both separately set at $50,000.

Anyone who may know the whereabouts of either suspect is asked to contact the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office at 217-753-6666. Those who would like to remain anonymous can contact Crime Stoppers at 217-788-8427.