2 men arrested after body found in gas tanker in June


IROQUOIS COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) – In a town of hundreds, it was a crime that sent a shock through everyone.

“When we first heard about the body, everybody was thinking who is it? Is it one of us? Is it one of our friends? Somebody that we live by,” Peggy Shockley, a Buckley resident and owner of a local diner, said.

4 months ago, at a gas transfer hub outside of Buckley, the body of Garrett Meyer was found in a gasoline tanker. The coroner said he died from an overdose.

Meyer is from Nashville, Illinois. His family said he didn’t drive a gasoline truck and didn’t know anyone in Buckley. Like everyone in the small town, they wanted answers.

“Bad things happen in small towns, we all know that, but this was just bizarre,” Shockely, said.

“Cause, that’s kind of a scary thing for a little town,” Wally Weppler, a Buckley resident, said.

The Iroquois County Sheriff’s Office, with the assistance of the Kankakee Police Department and the U.S. Marshal Service, announced Tuesday that they have arrested two men in relation to the death of 29-year-old Garrett Meyer from Nashville.

Officers said they arrested 33-year-old Billy Roof III and 37-year-old Ryan Morrow on two charges, which are unlawful possession of a stolen vehicle and unlawful concealment of death. Roof was also charged with unlawful use of account numbers.

Now that the 2 have been arrested, folks in town said they can breathe a sigh of relief.

“I’m so glad to hear that, because a lot of people keep their doors unlocked, and this day in age you just can’t do that anymore. So, I’m very glad someone got arrested for it,” Shockely said.

According to police, Roof and Morrow have been transported to the Iroquois County Jail where they remain in lieu of bond.

Meyer’s body was found inside a gas tanker near Buckley on June 4. Authority confirmed that he died of an overdose. The autopsy results released by the Iroquois County Coroner’s Office stated that Meyer had “toxic levels of amphetamines and fentanyl” in his system. He also had a blood-alcohol level of .181.

The investigation of Meyer’s death is ongoing. Anyone with information about this incident should call Iroquois County Investigators at (815) 432-6992.

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