13th Congressional District: Davis vs Wicklund

13th Congressional

TAYLORVILLE — The battle for the 13th Congressional District will be a closely watched race. It includes parts of more than a dozen counties including Champaign, Macon, Sangamon, Piatt and Christian.

Republican incumbent Rodney Davis is being challenged by Decatur Democrat Mark Wicklund. Davis is running for a third term.

Wicklund has worked with veterans’ organizations in Macon County for 20-years and served on the Macon County Board.

Both have been praised as being professional and civil during their debates. It’s something which hasn’t been seen very often during the election cycle.

Wicklund says the people of the 13th District need change in Washington. Davis hopes his bipartisan efforts and legislation, like the Farm Bill, will keep him in office.

When it comes to the issues, Davis wants the Affordable Care Act repealed and replaced, while Wicklund wants to move to universal healthcare or, at least, give people a public option.

In the fight against terrorism, Wicklund says the U.S. should be “more proactive” in monitoring social media and Davis says we need a stronger vetting process for Syrian and Iraqi refugees coming to the United States.  

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