URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — It’s not often that kids are invited to give educational lectures to people their own age. On Friday, Urbana Middle School welcomed 13-year-old Caden Harris to teach students about financial literacy.

The special event came into fruition after two teachers, Letitia Douglas and Alyssa Ginzberg, applied for a $4,000 grant.

“I was looking through the grants, and I saw one that said Vincent O. Greene Financial Literacy. I was like, this is it. This is perfect,” Douglas said.

Caden Harris is a young entrepreneur, but is most known for being on a show called Big RV Remix starring Janice Faison and Big Boi.

“I would always see people turning buses into homes. So I had the idea: why not turn a bus into a classroom where kids can learn about financial literacy in a fun and interactive way?” Harris said.

Harris said he never doubted his vision, but a chance encounter with a cookie was a guiding light.

“I got a fortune cookie which said, ‘You will be blessed with a four-wheel investment in your future,'” he recalled. “And a week after that, I got the bus.”

Harris said he wants other kids in the world to be able to believe in themselves, too.

“I want them to learn that everybody has a gift. You just have to figure out what that gift is and implement it into your life. Because many times people say that they want to follow their passion, but your passion may not be the thing that’s going to lead you to success.”

Harris now travels around the world, teaching kids about the importance of money management. The young prodigy said he loves it because it’s what he’s used to.

“I still get to be a kid as well, which is one thing that I enjoy,” Harris said.

Harris’ bus includes 3 essentials: a mock bank so kids can learn how to earn, deposit and withdraw their money, a mock grocery store so they can have a family budget, and a mock stock exchange so kids can learn how to invest in the stock market.