URBANA, lll. (WCIA) — A new grant will help land the city of Urbana two new fire stations in 2024.

The city got a $1.5 million grant that will go toward the construction. The old stations are on Philo Road and North Lincoln Avenue. The new Philo Road station will be built across the street; North Lincoln will have a new destination between Goodwin and Bradley Avenues.

Lieutenant Mike Phillips said the Philo Road station has not been remodeled since it was built in the 70s. Deputy Fire Chief Kyle Hensch said he’s looking forward to the new stations.

“We’re excited about a gender-inclusive facility with the ability for training and living conditions improving,” Hensch said. “And just overall modern facilities for our modern workforce.”

Phillips said the city is waiting on one more step before they move the project forward. Neither future station has blueprints yet.