Have no fear, summer is not over yet! With the Labor Day upon us, we still have time to enjoy some summer activities. Grilling eases us in to the transition of summer to fall. With busy times ahead, here are some grilled vegetable side dishes that are super easy from prep to serving. Transformations coach Larry Williams joined us in the weather garden for today’s Food Facts.

Larry’s favorite vegetables to grill:
· Cabbage/slaw mix
· Cauliflower/florets
· Radishes/sliced, quartered, or coins
· Brussels sprouts/quartered or pealed
Spray a sheet of foil with cooking spra

Place the vegetable of your choice on foil and season to taste; salt, pepper, and garlic powder are options. Be creative with your seasonings, adding fresh garlic, basil.

These make fantastic sides with your grilled meats, sea food, and fish. Radishes lose some of their bite when grilled and cauliflower tastes somewhat like potatoes.

Brussels sprouts take on an entirely new flavor and the cabbage is quite flavorful on its own.