HEALTHY LIVING: The Power of Positive Self-Talk

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Research has shown that positive self-talk can have many benefits. Here to talk about strategies for using positive self-talk in your daily life is Keri Offenstein from Two Roads Wellness Clinic. What are the benefits to using positive self-talk? • So often many of us speak to ourselves harshly with a critical inner voice; replacing that narrative with positivity brings better mental health • Positive self-talk is more motivational than criticism; it encourages us to make changes by instilling hope rather than eliciting fear • Leads to better self-confidence and greater self-esteem • Leads to a better sense of well-being, greater self-acceptance and self-compassion, and decreased amounts of stress • Leads to better performance—for example, in the case of athletes • May help us solve problems better and lead to greater resilience in times of stress and difficulty • Makes us more optimistic and hopeful about the future • Often leads to better relationships– when we are not spending time beating ourselves up, we often relate to others better as well How can we better incorporate positive self-talk into our lives? • Practice, practice, practice!! It may take time to build new habits and replace longstanding negative self-talk • Identify scenarios and situations that make it hard for you to use positive self-talk (for instance, maybe you feel the most critical of yourself at work)—then you can prepare specifically for these situations • Check in with yourself regularly—are you being overly critical or negative? • Change struggles into opportunities for growth; instead of thinking “I am bad at” something, think “I am doing my best, and I can grow” • Post positive affirmations around your house or apartment to remind yourself to use positive self-talk • Remember that encouragement is more motivating than criticism • Ask yourself what you would say to a close friend, and encourage yourself in the same way • Use humor to turn negative situations around • Surround yourself with positive people—remember, positivity is contagious • Eliminate “shoulds” from your self-talk vocabulary

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