From the Farm: Precision Conservation Management program

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The Illinois Soybean Association is joining the very successful conservation management program of the Illinois Corn Growers Association.

Illinois Corn began the Precision Conservation Management program five years ago and now the Illinois Soybean Association is joining forces to help promote its objectives, says Corn Grower President Randy DeSutter.

“So we are looking forward to expanding it so farmers all across the state can study these practices and we have more conservation involved. And just a lot of good things are going to come of this partnership.”

David Wessel, the Utilization chairman of the Illinois Soybean Association, said the linkage will help farmers address increasing climate change. “Expanding the PCM project to new regions in Illinois will give farmers the tools they need to make viable decisions and be the solution in addressing changing weather patterns and water quality wherever they farm in our state,” said Wessel. “In partnering with Illinois Corn will allow us to provide valuable resources for all farmers in Illinois that will help inform them of the latest development pertaining to increased productivity, profitability, and best management practices.”

PCM Program Director Laura Gentry says the program is design to balance the financial cost of conservation. “When we started the program in 2015 it began as a way for addressing problems that farmers told us for years that they have. And that was really reconciling their business decisions with their conservation decisions,” said Gentry.

The financial support from the Soybean Association will allow the program to double in size to 30 Illilnois counties with added field staff to work with farmers.

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