ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Have you ever needed to remove a tree from the ground? Some farmers have to. WCIA 3’s Ag Reporter Stu Ellis has the answer to doing that on his report–From the Farm.

Danuser is a company that makes a lot of products that are needed on a lot of farms because of all those small tough jobs that are needed to get done.

“You know, mostly we specialize in the post hole digger, any type of fencing equipment,” said Leo Zima, Danuser. “We also make a materials handling buckets, and along with the thing behind us here, the tree and post puller.”

It’s called Intimidator, and it’s intimidating sitting pretty close to it.

“It’s definitely an eye-catcher here at the show [Farm Progress Show],” said Zima.

It mounts on a tractor and you can pull a tree out of the ground with it.

“Yeah! Any tractor or skid-steer it will mount to, and like I said, it will pull a fence post, a large tree, or even small brush,” Zima said.

So what new products are they going to introduce at the Farm Progress Show?

“We’re really excited,” said Zima. “We’ve got a new post driver that we’ll be displaying here for the first time. Also a new bit. That bits going to be able to grind up a stump. Along with that, we’ve got a new mount for our post-hole digger. It will be going on a mini-skid steer.”

Danuser–from Fulton, Missouri–will be set up on East 6th Street at the Farm Progress Show. That is just behind the Morton Building.