Corn planted on demonstration plots for Farm Progress Show

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DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — Corn has been planted on the harvest demonstration plots at the Farm Progress Show.

Marc Padrutt is one of the host farmers for the Farm Progress Show and the show is coming up at the end of the summer. Everybody needs to make their calendar because they are going to see harvest of some of the corn that Marc has just planted. That is really a commitment that Farm Progress is going to have a show this year.

“Well, we were under the gun to get the corn in the ground,” said Padrutt. “I would like to have waited another week or two, but we were able to get it in last week.”

But at that point, it is at least in the ground and ready for the soil to warm up. But we are probably under that magic 56 degrees.

“We are under that temperature, that’s for sure, and we had snow yesterday. It went into the ground on Friday and was relatively warm and had three days to acclimate, so hopefully the cold won’t affect it too much,” Padrutt said.

When asked if he had checked to see if the kernels started to expand and put out a coleoptile yet, Padrutt said, “I’ve walked away from that field for a while. And I will probably go back next week and see where we’re at.”

Would you need to replant? That may be something you would do with some shorter season corn. “Well, that would be plan B, but we are already pretty short with 86 and 87 day corn and we haven’t been that early since 2005. The last few shows we’ve been at 94 day. So, we should have harvestable corn.”

Everybody’s eager to have another show with the field demonstrations, which we haven’t had in quite some time. So everybody’s ready for that,” said Padrutt.

The show is going to be August 31, September 1 and 2 in Decatur.

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