Workers weather the storm to keep others safe


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — As wintry weather pushed through central Illinois, traffic crashes followed close behind.

Slick roads led to accidents and drivers had to be even more careful navigating through the snow. At one point, eastbound lanes of I-74 at the Cunningham exit in Urbana were shut down because of several crashes.

Snow caked on cars, covered the roads, and many of those cars ended up in ditches. This weather affected delivery drivers, snow plow workers, and so many more.

Some people chose to say inside and have other people do the driving for them. The Walmart in Champaign got an influx of grocery delivery orders.

Assistant Manager Brandon Buskirk says, “We’re paying attention to the road conditions and listening to the police reports for any closures.” The delivery drivers kept busy. “People are getting basic essentials like milk, eggs, water, bread. We’re pushing out a lot of orders for those.”

Customers called in to stock up on what they need to avoid running errands themselves. Buskirk says, “All of our drivers are taking heed to my warning about leaving early and giving themselves that extra time to make sure we get to the customers’ houses safely.”

Meanwhile on Veterans Day, a federal holiday, city workers had the day off.
But snow plow drivers with Urbana Public Works were asked to come into work to clear the roads. Andy Murphy says, “We have six people in right now and another crew coming in at midnight. We’ve been salting most of the day.”

They’re preparing for roads to become iced over as temperatures are expected to drop. Murphy says, “It’s going to get really cold here after this storm goes through. So we’re going to try to get as much cleared out as we can.”

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