Woman thanks Good Samaritans


VERMILION COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — One woman is thanking some good Samaritans for helping her and her daughter after a crash.

The crash happened Monday at the S-curve on 150 heading toward Danville. Amanda Cheesman says it was because of the snow. We had a chance to talk to the people who rushed to her side.

They were passing in their work trucks and happened to see Cheesman and her daughter. They say every other driver was just going by.

The woman, Amanda Cheesman, posted on Facebook, thanking the “angels” who came to her rescue Monday afternoon. It was cold and snowy, and Cheesman says these people stopped and got out of their truck to help her. Despite not knowing their names, Cheesman’s Facebook friends were able to help her find them.

Cheesman’s post, trying to find the good Samaritans

Andre Sanders, Stephanie White, Andy Davis, and Josh Duprey stayed with the woman and her daughter until an ambulance got there. They said they didn’t expect a thank-you like this, but they happened to see the post on Cheesman’s Facebook page.

“Her daughter had lost her shoes, and she kept saying how it was cold, and it was just snowing, and I was like well, we have a mini van, we might as well get them in there to warm them up,” said White.

“The whole time I just wanted to talk to her, make sure she stayed calm so she wouldn’t, like, you know, panic or anything because I just wanted to let her know everything was gonna be okay,” said Sanders.

These good Samaritans say they hope anyone in a similar situation will remember to do the same thing. Even if it seems like someone already has things under control, it never hurt to stop and make sure.

“It was our best interest to help them, so that’s what we did. I’m glad everybody’s alright,” said Andy Davis.

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