Waitress serves kindness to coworker


ATTICA, Ind. (WCIA) — A woman on the verge of getting evicted was shown kindness that kept her from being homeless.

Wendy Bell couldn’t work for months because she was in and out of the hospital for a chronic illness. Her coworker, Susan Kew, had been saving up hundreds of dollars to pay her own bills. But when she found out Bell was in desperate need of help, she knew exactly what she wanted to do.

On Wednesday afternoon, the two women sat tucked away in a corner booth at Crossroads Family Restaurant. Kew and Bell are more than just coworkers there. They’re close friends too. As servers, they work hard to put food on other people’s tables. But money has been scarce for Bell to do the same for herself. So Kew pulled out her wallet and gave her friend her hard earned cash to pay her rent.

Kew says, “When I knew this was going to be a big day for her, I just had to do it.”

The money Kew gave away was hundreds of dollars she had been saving to buy new tires for her car. She says, “I drive thirty minutes each way to work. So I’ve had three flat tires in a month and a half. I keep getting used ones to get me by. But I’ll get there. “The commute from her home in Alvin, Illinois to work in Attica, Indiana wears down her wheels. But her friend was more important.

Bell says, “I cried. Talk about not being able to breath. I’m just thankful, really thankful.”

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