Voters turn down sales tax hike


VERMILION COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — The majority of Vermilion County voters chose not to add a 1% sales tax hike.

The money from this sales tax increase would have gone to school districts across the county. The increase would have been at different levels for each city and town. But for example, in Danville, it would’ve raised the sales tax to 10.25%. That would have tied the tax as one of the highest in the state.

Those against it, like Danville’s mayor, warned that this tax hike would make living and shopping in Vermilion County less enticing and could encourage people to spend their money in other counties where the sales tax is lower.

Since the votes at the polls were so close, take into account that the final results will also include write-ins, late-arriving vote by mail ballots, and provisional ballots. The Vermilion County Clerk’s website says certified results will be available after March 31.

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