URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Two University of Illinois students and an entire fraternity are suspended for breaking the university’s COVID-19 safety rules. On top of that, around 100 students are being disciplined for their behavior over the weekend.

Here is a breakdown of the cases the university is investigating:

  • A student was issued an interim suspension for hosting a large party at his apartment on Friday.
  • Another student was issued an interim suspension for violation of a quarantine order on Saturday.
  • The Pi Kappa Phi fraternity has been placed on interim suspension after another large party this weekend.
  • Approximately 100 additional students and organizations are facing disciplinary action for their behavior over the weekend.

“I don’t want anyone to go to the party and not tell anyone about it and spread the virus to everyone,” said sophomore Grace Im. Im says she is happy with the university’s method of testing, but knows it poses a risk to everyone when a select few of students are irresponsible.

“I see people going out to the bars still, and I know they’ve changed the regulations, but it’s still very concerning to me to see that many people going out, not really socially distancing and just living like normal,” said junior Kayla Vargas.

Champaign-Urbana Public Health leaders are reaching out to all students who test positive or who are exposed.

“We, again, remind them that it is a requirement to stay at home,” said public health epidemiologist Awais Vaid. “We also tell them that it is not optional. It is a mandate.”

If students keep violating those orders, the university gets involved. Health district leaders say people need to remember how important it is that everyone follows safety guidelines.

“The reason for doing isolation and quarantine is because we know this person is a confirmed positive or a confirmed exposure, and they are infectious,” explained Vaid. “If they are going to be around other people, then the whole concept of public health prevention is of no use.”

A university spokesperson says some students haven’t returned calls or messages from public health. Student affairs is reaching out to them. They’re telling those students that if they don’t respond, they will face “swift suspension”.