Tenants say landlord negligence to blame for trash buildup


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — People living in one apartment complex are fed up with problems they say management is ignoring.

We’re talking about Nantucket Cove. That’s on Moreland Boulevard, right behind Lowe’s. Someone living there posted a photo of this trash on Facebook, piled up outside a trash compactor.

Trash outside Nantucket Cove compactor

Dozens of people commented, saying they also had issues while living there. It might just look like a pile of trash bags, but Jenny Warning says it’s one of the reasons she left her Nantucket Cove apartment. She says a management change in late 2018 was the start of it. “They cut the phone lines, so there wasn’t even like a way to get ahold of anybody in the office. They didn’t transfer over e-mails, so if you tried to e-mail anybody, they didn’t have e-mail set up, so there was no way to get ahold of anybody.”

The apartments were taken over by Barratt Asset Management, a company based in Indianapolis. That’s when the trash, literally, started mounting.

“They just got rid of the dumpsters, they were like, you know what? we won’t even have the dumpsters as a problem, we’ll just have everybody take it to the compactor,” said Warning.

That’s what Abraham Haile, who used to be on their maintenance team, said just made the problem grow.

“Without the dumpster, the maintenance team is putting all the stuff from apartments – bed frames and all that stuff, piling it up – in the compactor or next to it. So, between those two things, the compactor’s you know, broken, and they haven’t repaired it or just overfilled and it hasn’t been picked up,” said Haile. He reported the overflow issue to the city. “After the trash had been piled up for over a week… a few days after calling the city it was taken care of. But then the same thing just repeated itself a month or so down the road,” said Haile.

We reached out to Barratt Asset Management and left voicemails with two different employees. We have yet to hear back.

“It’s been over a year and things still haven’t changed,” said Haile. He said there were also bed bug and roach issues, as well as a broken security gate during his time living there. His car was once broken into while the gate was broken, but he said the complex owners didn’t take responsibility for the fact that a broken gate contributed to the crime.

The city went today to check on the problem. They have not reported the result is of that inspection yet. If you have an issue with something like trash buildup at your apartment and your landlord is not fixing it, you can report it to the city. They will send an inspector to that area. You can submit the concern here.

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