Teachers troubleshoot problems with e-learning


CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Teachers are having to navigate around problems they didn’t anticipate students would face with virtual learning.

This is causing districts to come up with innovative solutions to keep kids on track. While no virtual classroom runs perfectly smooth, the challenges they’ve faced has pushed them to be more creative with how they handle issues with students.

Scott Woods, Principal at J.W. Eater Jr. High in Rantoul says they’ve had to troubleshoot problems with students since the start of the school year. “Our biggest obstacle has been getting a high percentage of our students who are remote learners logging in and completing the work consistently.” In response, now they’ll be requiring more accountability of students. Woods says, “Starting next week, we are going to require our students who are doing hybrid to log in live each day during the regular class time.”

Teachers have also noticed a disconnect with students since they can’t be there with them in person all the time. Jessica Kocanda, a 6th grade teacher in the Rantoul school district says, “I think we jumped the gun a little bit. We expected students to do too much and we kind of just threw them in the deep end without remembering that they’ve been out of school essentially for six months and there was a lot of technical sides.”

That has caused teachers to get more creative with their instruction as well. Katherine Sokolowski, a teacher in the Monticello school district says, “I’m trying to think of the directions we would probably give in person in class in front of these children, and write those down so they know what to do and know what to expect.”

Some teachers have even created videos of themselves walking students through the steps of how to do assignments virtually in addition to teaching them the actual lesson plans.

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