Spotting and treating heat stroke in a dog


DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Animal experts are warning pet owners about heat stroke after a dog in Danville died of it. “We know how to cool ourselves off – they don’t. So it’s up to us to kindof look out for that,” said Brigette Palermo-Frazier. She works with Lost and Found Pets of Vermilion County. She’s stepping in to help the dog’s owners with the vet bill.

“The dog had collapsed by the car, and so that’s when animal control was called in,” she explained. Soxie’s body temperature was around 106. “The outcome is never really good when the body temperature hits that high.” Palermo-Frazier says the story should serve as a reminder to always be vigilant when it’s hot outside.

“Keep an eye on them, and if you see your dog acting any different, just the slightest bit different. Get them to a spot. Get them to a fan.”

If you think your dog is having a heat stroke, there are some things you should make sure to avoid. For example, don’t give them ice cold water.

“It can make it harder for them to actually regulate their body temperature, so we would advocate for lukewarm or water from the hose that’s not too hot, not too cold,” explained University of Illinois Small Animal Emergency Clinical Assistant Professor Caroline Tonozzi. Tonozzi recommends using lukewarm or cool water to pour over your dog. You can also soak towels in water and put them on the dog. However, your top priority should always be contacting a vet.

If you do want to take your dog out during the day, experts recommend you do it for short periods of time and make sure there is shade nearby and plenty of water available.

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