Some restaurants choose to continue indoor dining despite resurgence mitigations starting


SADORUS, Ill. (WCIA)- Central Illinois’ regions are preparing for Covid-19 mitigation efforts, but some restaurants aren’t. One of those guidelines puts an end to indoor dining starting tomorrow in region 3 and Monday in region 6. Jeff Buckler is the owner of Buford’s in Sadorus and isn’t planning to close his indoor dining. He thinks the impact would take too big of a toll and wants to continue what they’re doing now which is extra cleaning measures and requiring employees and guests to wear masks.

Buckler feels indoor dining should be up to the restaurant. “If you think you need to close then close if you want to try and stay open then stay open I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do. I’m doing what I want to do for my own reasons”, said Buckler. Buford’s employee Kelly Dillman says small businesses like Buford’s bring towns together. “It’s just family oriented and they give to Sadorus, Tolono and all the other communities around.”

Buckler says at the end of the day it comes down to bills. “I know the health department and everybody has a job to do I don’t fault them for that but I’ve got a job to do too. I’ve got to pay my bills and I’ve got pay my employees. My bills never stop and my employees bills never stop, they come whether I’m open or not”. Some other guidelines that come along with mitigation measures are outdoor dining ending by 11 p.m. and gatherings being limited to 25 people. For more information on the resurgence mitigation you can go here.

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