CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — The saliva test at the University of Illinois could soon be available to all of us. There’s no timeline for when it could launch, but university leaders say it will start with areas where their campuses are, like Champaign-Urbana, Springfield and Chicago.

That would mean you could get results within hours instead of having to wait four to seven days. That’s the wait time of the community testing site at Marketplace Mall in Champaign. The University of Illinois already has a mobile testing lab they could use for this, but they don’t know whether it will be drive-thru or walk-up testing.

The University of Illinois is processing up to 18,000 tests a day. That maxes them out, but the mobile lab will let the university process more.

The public health district is working with university leaders about establishing the best locations for the testing to happen.