Resources for caretakers in crisis


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — We’ve been reporting about several cases of child abuse recently. Yesterday we told you a man in Macon is accused of hurting his 2-month-old son. We’ve reported on at least three possible child abuse cases since December.

A lot of these situations start when caretakers get frustrated with children. Today we talked with some of the resources out there to help people before they get to that point.

It’s a situation that seems to happen too often: someone taking care of a baby loses their temper and hurts them. A daycare worker in Mattoon, a father in Lerna, and this week, a father in Macon – all accused of hurting children in their care. All of them told police they got frustrated when caring for babies and acted out.

Those moments of losing control are why crisis nurseries like the one in Urbana exist.

“That’s what we’re here for… is for people to call and ask for help when they’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed or feel like they’re not a safe place for their child to be,” said Crisis Nursery Executive Director Stephanie Record.

The Crisis Nursery is there 24-7. Record says you don’t have to fit a specific scenario to qualify for help. “You’ll always hear us talking about how asking for help is a sign of strength and how everything we’re providing here is really to build up the family when they’re asking for our help.”

The nursery isn’t there for long-term care, but if that’s something a family needs, they work on finding the best fit for their situation and budget. Their services are also free.

“We come from a very non-judgmental perspective, so we’re just really looking at what can we do to help you in the moment and kinda what we can do to hep sustain that in the long-term.

Illinois has seven crisis nurseries, but Record says she knows more are needed. If there is not a crisis nursery near you, the best thing to do is call police if you are in situation where you feel out of control.

“I don’t think anyone’s gonna be punished for reaching out for help that way either,” said Record.

Some more details on the case of the 2-month-old: Seth Nashland of Macon is accused of hurting his son. He was arrested Wednesday and charged with aggravated battery of a child. His son had brain injuries and burns all over his body.

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