Residents concerned about drivers speeding, rolling through stop signs


SIDNEY, Ill. (WCIA) — Some are worried about drivers blowing through one intersection. They say there a lot of kids living in that area. That’s why neighbors say this needs to stop. You don’t have to spend much time by these four-way stop signs to see that some drivers treat them more like yields or as if there’s no sign at all.

“I’ve witnessed it myself,” said Sidney Village President Jason Arrasmith. He says it’s been going on for years. The main problem is at the corner of Prairie and David in a residential area.

Beth Burr says she owns a daycare in that part of town. “That intersection is also a bus stop for grade, Jr. high, and high school students at Unity which makes the speeding worse. I fear for the safety of all the children,” she said.

“Especially with school starting up… they stand there at at that intersection waiting for the bus, and people on their way to work in a hurry. There’s reasons to be concerned,” added Arrasmith.

Carey Rossie is also worried. “I have three children… and they play Pokémon Go and ride bikes in that area all the time,” she said.

Arrasmith says they’ve talked about the issue at board meetings. “We’ve asked and said in meetings and stuff for people to please, make sure you go the speed limit, and stop at the stop sign.”

He says the best way to take care of the problem is to call the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office.

“There needs to be more… letting the sheriff know so that they can come out and maybe send some somebody out on patrols more often or actually sit here and do enforcement maybe and people would get used to seeing that and get used to paying attention,” he explained.

Sheriff Dustin Heuerman says he isn’t aware of any reports about this issue, but he welcomes anyone with a concern to contact his office.

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