Recycling guide for holiday gift wrapping supplies


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — For those of you who gave or received gifts this holiday season — now it’s cleanup time.

If you’re a recycler, it’s important to know what can or cannot be recycled. First, wrapping paper can be recycled, but only specific types. If it has any kindof shine or coating, it can’t be recycled. That’s because glitter and plastics are contaminants in that process. On the other hand, cheaper, thinner wrapping papers that are thinner are also not recyclable because of how few actual paper fibers are inside them.

“In general; typically people prefer to say that no, wrapping paper is not recyclable because there’s such a very small quantity that truly is usable, that you get so much more that’s not. you end up having to throw it away,” said Illini Recycling Office Manager Cindi Long.

Similar rules apply to gift bags. The ones with shine on them or the plastic shiny coating can’t be recycled, but the brown or plain white paper ones are. Bows are not recyclable, and neither is tissue paper, but, tissue paper is biodegradable, so it can be composted.

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