Police officer helps stranded family


ARCOLA, Ill. (WCIA) — A family was stranded when their car broke down near the edge of Arcola over the weekend. One police officer’s kindness toward them started a chain of good deeds that led to the family getting back home safely.

Officer Chandler Jaques pulled up to a gas station to fill up his squad car when something caught his attention. He says, “I saw this guy and his two kids were sitting there.” The family was stuck because their truck broke down on Route 45 just outside of town.

Jaques figured something might be wrong, so he stopped what he was doing to check on them.
Recalling what happened that night he asked, “Hey man, is there anything I can do for you guys, do you need help with anything?” They needed a way to get home to Dieterich.

The distance from Arcola to Dieterich is about 46 miles, roughly a 50 minute drive. It would have cost the family $250 dollars to take a taxi there. Jaques didn’t want to leave the father and his two young children stranded or strapped with a hefty bill. So he offered to give them a ride when his shift was over.

He went back to their truck to get their belongings and the car seat. When he came back to pick up the family, another person had offered to give them a ride. Since he still had about 30 minutes left on his shift, he helped to load up the good samaritan’s car and the family got on the road home. Jaques said, “If there’s an opportunity for me to be compassionate, I don’t really think anything of it. I don’t think I did anything special by offering these people a ride. I just wanted to help somebody out.”

Officer Jaques’ humility was recognized by the Arcola Police Chief when the station got a call thanking him for the kindness he showed that day. He’s s been with Arcola Police for about four years. He’s moving on with his career and his last day on the job will be this Wednesday.

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