Plastic shield allows for outdoor visits


MONTICELLO, Ill. (WCIA) — Nursing homes in the state still can’t allow visitors because of COVID-19, but Piatt County Nursing Home has a creative way for people to drop by.

It may not be the same as a hug or a kiss, but residents now have a way to visit with loved ones despite restrictions.

“This is so much more of a better option. It makes you feel that much more close with your loved one,” said Social Service Director Ashlee Van Gundy. Before this, it was window visits and phone calls. Now, residents are able to interact almost like before, under a plastic veil.

This setup is under the front awning, to allow for shade and protection from rain. Families can even come and share a meal or do almost anything they normally would before the pandemic. Van Gundy says the plastic shield a big step up for more reasons than one.

“Just from a wellbeing perspective, being able to be in that close of a physical proximity, not having to be on the phone, not having to talk through a window inside of a building, it brings so much more closeness.”

Anyone who does want to visit a loved ones should call ahead. That will help them coordinate it around meal time and other activities, as well as other visitors.

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