People rally to support police


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Dozens of people united in support of law enforcement outside the Champaign Police Department.

This comes exactly one week after C.P.D. was vandalized by a group of protestors. People showed up to the “Back the Blue” rally to share their perspective on what has happened in the city recently.

Law enforcement’s responsibility is to serve and protect. When the group of protestors vandalized the Champaign Police Department, they said it was because they believed police weren’t doing that. But on Thursday night, the outside of the C.P.D. building was surrounded by a new group of people with their own message. Randy Shannon said, “We want to make sure that equality is shown all across our community. We just don’t want our community defaced. We don’t want to see obscene things on our community landmarks.”

While the protest last week called to defund the police, these people stood to defend the people behind the badges. “Your own home would not be protected if these cops aren’t here. If we defund police what would you do in a situation where people attacked you?” said Shannon.

The people at the “Back the Blue” rally say it’s time for those who have been silent to start expressing their position on the divisive issues happening across the country and in this community. Shannon said, “Not every police officer is corrupt. In every genre, every job, and every occupation you go to you’ll find people that don’t do their job to the best of their abilities but that doesn’t mean that the other 99% needs to be ridiculed or harassed. We need to let them do their job and let them protect us.”

Before the “Back the Blue” rally police warned people that anybody who incited vandalism or any other crime would be taken into custody. But it remained peaceful and nobody was arrested.

Champaign police did not have a comment on this.

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