New waste/sewer system solves small village’s problems


ROYAL, Ill. (WCIA) — A unique contained waste and sewer system could break a barrier that previously prevented businesses from moving into the area.

A new restaurant wanted to take over a building downtown but couldn’t because the waste sewer system was so outdated. So the village constructed a brand new system to make it easier for other businesses to open up too.

The village trustee who spearheaded this project traveled across the country to Washington, D.C. to meet with legislators and lobby for funding for the project. They got about $200,000 in grants and loans to pay for the installation.

Royal was in desperate need to upgrade the outdated and frail septic tanks. The old system didn’t meet EPA and health code standards and made it extremely difficult for new businesses to move into the existing buildings downtown.

Village leaders say this contained system solved many problems. Trustee Kim Busboom says, “Antiquated systems meant many pipes, many system failures. It’s a high cost for the businesses to try to maintain things they couldn’t even get parts for anymore or don’t understand how things are hooked up.”

The health department said they’re one of the only villages in the state that has a downtown system like this.

Businesses will be able to hook up to the news system in the next couple months.

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