New program gives some city employees option to leave


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Some city employees can leave their jobs if they want. It’s part of a voluntary separation incentive program (VSIP). Basically, if someone wants to leave, they can. This will help with money the city’s lost because of COVID-19. Anyone who is approved to leave will be paid a certain amount upon their departure. That amount will depend on their salary and how long they’ve been with the city.

“It’s also a good time, then, for us to be able to re-look at the services we provide and if person A takes off, and we can re-account for some of their services with another person in the city,” explained city council member Vanna Pianfetti.

Not everyone can be considered for this program. For example, police and firefighters can’t. Neither can METCAD employees. People who are interested will need to apply. Champaign’s City Manager will give the final approval. The resolution was approved Tuesday night.

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