Nationwide glitch prevents UI students and staff from joining Zoom meetings


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Classes kicked off Monday for University of Illinois students, but as many of them tried to log on, they ran into a glitch. However, that problem is much bigger than just the U of I alone.

People across the country ran into it Monday. Basically, students tried to click a link to join a Zoom meeting, which usually opens the meeting up for you easily. But they couldn’t get in.

It happened around 8 a.m. Monday, so the UI Technology Services Department started looking into it. They found out it was happening across the country for Zoom users. Luckily, at least for UI students, they found a solution.

“What we found was that, if a student had the desktop or mobile app installed on their computer or mobile device, they would still be able to open up, sign in and join meetings or classes,” said UI Technology Servics Marketing Director Jason Choi.

The Technology Services Department is recommending that students and staff download the Zoom app. It can be on your computer or phone. That doesn’t mean it will solve every problem that comes up, but they say it could help. They also ask students to be patient when it comes to these technical glitches. They added that, the good news is, many professors use a few different website for teaching. So if one is down, they can easily switch to another.

If you’re a student having trouble logging into Zoom, you can reach out to Technology Services by email or phone:
(217) 244-7000

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