Manufacturers handle coronavirus restrictions


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Many businesses are now shutting down or making major changes because of coronavirus. 

HL Precision Manufacturing is taking lots of precautions to stay safe. When it comes to staying six feet apart, CEO and President Steve Hillard said they already have that covered. Their work stations are space 20 feet away from each other already.

They are also limiting visitors inside their three locations. Staff members are varying break times in order to avoid having too many in the break room at once. 

All employees handling parts are wearing protective gloves. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for any of their employees to work from home. Only two of them are doing that right now. But they are doing a lot to keep their workplace disinfected. 

“Obviously we’ve significantly increased personal hygiene stations and opportunities, as well as increased the thoroughness and frequency of cleaning in the facilities,” said CEO and President Steve Hillard. 

HL Manufacturing has three locations: Champaign, Fisher, and Schaumburg. They are practicing these restrictions at all of those.  

HL Manufacturing makes defense equipment and medical devices, as well as other operations that are considered “critical manufacturing”. Some of those devices are also involved in diagnosing COVID-19. Because of the special kind of equipment they handle, they will continue to be open throughout the stay-at-home restriction.

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