Invasive species rapidly spreading through forest preserve


MAHOMET, Ill. (WCIA) — Garlic mustard is taking over areas of the Champaign County Forest Preserve (CCFP) and killing other plants.  

These weeds have spread out of control. During the past two days CCFP has worked through about seventeen acres removing it, and they say that’s just the start.

The roots create toxins that sink into the ground. “It’s basically plant warfare. It sends chemicals into the soil that inhibits the growth of the good native plants here.” says CCFP Planning and Development Director Michael Daab. 

Animals don’t like to eat it, so it thrives and spreads further. 

Normally volunteer groups pitch in to help clear it out but the COVID-19 social distancing mandate put a stop to that this year. So CCFP came up with another way for people to help.

These maps show where the garlic mustard has populated. Instead of gathering in groups, you can individually choose the location you want to go to and help pick the weeds. The maps also show drop off locations where you can get rid of it safely. 

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