Housing policy change means hundreds of UI students have to move out


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Hundreds of UI students have to move out of their dorms and into new ones because of a last minute change the university made in reaction to COVID-19. 

When the coronavirus pandemic ramped up, the University of Illinois responded by encouraging students to move. About 3,000 students moved off campus and out of their university housing. But there were students leftover who couldn’t move because of finances, work, or other individual reasons. 

The university originally said they could stay in the housing they were already living in. But that policy was reneged. Chelsea Hamilton with UI housing says, “What we didn’t know was how many students were actually going to need continued housing.” It turns out about 250 undergraduate students couldn’t make the move. They’re currently living between twenty-three different residence halls. So the university decided to consolidate and move them all into the Pennsylvania Avenue Residence. 

UI junior Patrick Gorski says, “I looked at my emial this morning and realized my life would change a little bit again.” He is one of the hundreds who has to make the move. “It’s kind of tough to keep classes rolling since we transitioned to online. So that’s hard enough as it is let alone having to pack up all my stuff today.”

The university says they did this for a specific reason. Hamilton says, “It’s in our best interest, and the best interest of the students, to consolidate them into par so that we know who is in the halls and so that we have RAs and front desk services.” 

The residence hall that students will be moving into is split up into four different buildings. 
Students will be spread out in separate rooms and will have separate bathrooms to practice social distancing. 

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