Gym to help veterans and first responders


TUSCOLA, Ill. (WCIA) — A new gym is focusing on helping veterans and first responders. Rally Point Fitness is a dedicated space to give people a supportive outlet to deal with PTSD.

Veterans can face a rush of emotional difficulties when they return home. Gym owner Gunnar Edwards says, “I’m a disabled veteran myself. I deal with a lot of anxiety, depression and PTSD. I was drinking non stop. It was bad. I realized, now that I have a seven month old daughter, I needed to get my act together.”

Gunnar became a personal trainer. He and his brother are opening Rally Point Fitness to help others who may be struggling. He says, “I just want to give other veterans and first responders a place to go and have an outlet to relieve stress or anger or depression.”

It’ll be a place to release negative energy and channel that into something better. Edwards says, “Get in here, throw some weights around, punch a punching bag or do whatever you need to do instead of taking your anger out on a spouse or your friends.”

Although it’s focused on helping veterans and first responders, anyone is welcome to join. It’ll stay open 24/7. “If you’re having issues at 2:00 in the morning, you don’t have to pick up a whiskey bottle. You can go to this gym and workout and release that stress” says Edwards.

They plan to open the gym in mid August or September.

They’re also working with the Cast Iron Pub to use their space for monthly hangouts for veterans. It’ll be a couple hours to get away from daily life and be surrounded by people with similar backgrounds.

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