GED and HiSET will have discounted testing fees


The high school equivalency test reduction will be offered across Illinois.
Final costs for full testing packages after grant funding will be as follows:

• GED (in-person or online): Reduced from $120 to $40.
• HiSET Computer: Reduced from $93.75 to $13.75.
• HiSET Paper: Reduced from $115 to $35.
• HiSET Online: Reduced from $141.25 to $61.25.

Illinois community college executive director Brian Durham says they wanted to take a load off, students. “We had some funding that was available, so because of the pandemic and just the struggles that students were having, we were looking for ways to help students.” He also said people who have already started the tests can still save some money.

“There are some folks that have already taken parts of the test, it comes in individual batteries, and so even if you only finished one battery, you can still get a discount on that subsection of the test,” said Durham. Community college leaders have seen a decrease in people taking prep classes, and they’re hoping lower test fees will change that.

Dean of adult education Tawanna Nickens says this is a good time to try out the test. “It helps them to be able to try a test if they were concerned about paying for that full fee or not quite ready this allows them to try it as well for the $10 fee so hopefully more learners will be venturing out and taking the GED test.” In order to receive the discount you can go to First time users will need to create a new account before they can proceed with scheduling a test.  Candidates will need to enter the code ILSAVE20 at check-out.

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