Friends honor life of police captain who died of cancer


WESTVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — The selfless nature of Westville Police Captain Allan Mackiewicz is how he’ll be remembered by those close to him after he died.

The 48-year-old died from cancer on Sunday. He dedicated decades of service to WPD. His friends have memories of him to last a lifetime. Jerry Beckley says, “He was the most positive and funny man. I can’t say enough about him as a person. He never ever complained about anything.”

Beckley remembers the day Mackiewics found out he had cancer two years ago. He says, “Between him and his beautiful family, he fought really hard and really well and remain positive through the whole time.”

The cancer eventually took his life, but it can’t take away the impact this man made on the people he met in his 48 years.

Joshua Brown says, “Allan was always trying to elevate people and lift them up to a better level. He was a good man.” Mackiewics was Brown’s training officer when he joined WPD. He says, “Allan treated us like family, like an extended family. He really tied our department together.”

When he wasn’t in his police uniform, Mackiewics spent time leading the Westville Rec. League as the board president, another passion of his. Beckley says, “He started off as someone who just wanted to help coach his kids. Then he figured out he just wanted to be around all the kids.”

The teams even created t-shirts saying #Mackstrong to support his fight against cancer. Even after his death, strength is how he’ll be remembered. Beckley says, “If nothing else is learned from all of this remain positive he fought the fight because he remained positive.”

The Rec. League has one remaining field that has not been named yet. They’re going to work with the city to dedicate it to him.

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