Food trucks leaving area for more business


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)- One popular food truck, Dragon Fire Pizza, is going to Naperville, and another is leaving the streets of Champaign, Cracked.

Cracked Owner Daniel Krause decided to move to Indiana. “A couple of guys who were homegrown wanted to bring something to the city. I had met them early on when I opened up the Cracked in Chicago, and he approached me and said, ‘What do you think of this,'” said Krause. Both owners, Daniel Krause and Jeremy Mandell liked the idea. The truck started to struggle when students were no longer on campus because of COVID-19. “Once you take students out of the mix in Champaign, you have 20-30 truck now competing for just the city of Champaign and the city of Urbana, and economically it’s just not feasible”, said Krause.

They recently opened a truck in Indiana, hoping to bring more traffic to Gary. But C&C Kitchen food truck owner Curt McGhee, located in the Champaign area, says he’s seen even more traffic. “Especially with COVID going on, we don’t have to worry about seating; just run up, grab something, keep it moving.” Cracked was especially hit because they were usually on campus, but McGhee says you have to go where business takes you.

If you usually went to get Cracked on campus, their in-person restaurant is not going anywhere. You will still be able to catch their famous breakfast sandwiches locally.

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